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Top 10 Tips


1. Remember it's your day

Your deserve to enjoy every minute of it. Do it the way you want. Don't think back to your wedding in 10 years time thinking 'I wish I'd done that.'

2. Wear comfortable shoes

Whilst that $20 pair of 'I'm only going to wear them once' heels from the local department store might seem appealing at the time, remember that you will be wearing them (in most cases) from midday to midnight. This is a very long time to go in uncomfortable shoes. No bride should be walkin around bare foot in their gown! Invest in quality shoes, you won't regret it.

3. Hair Do's and Don'ts

Make sure it's washed and blow dried straight the night before. Don't use a GHD as this will make it hard for the curls to stay in.

4. Set a realistic goal for weight loss

Don't put yourself on a crash diet, you won't have any energy and the results won't last. Ask us about how to achieve your goal weight in a safe and rapid way.

5. Get a white board

Write down what needs to be done and allocate to a person. This alleviates panic. Things aren't left to the last minute and can't be forgotten about.

6. For the bride-to-be, write a back up speech in case you decide to speak

Most brides say they aren't going to say a speech. But then get so overwhelmed by other beautiful speeches, they decide to stand up and say something themselves. Only to be left unprepared and stumbling through a thank you and possibly tears.

 7. While getting ready do not forget to eat

Start the morning of your Wedding Day with a good breakfast. It is all too easy to forget and you'll end up with no energy, tired and cranky. Pack straws and organise bite-size portions of food to be available so eating and drinking will not spoil your make-up.

8. Make sure the groom and groomsmen dress appropriately for the theme of the wedding and the season

If it's a quiet backyard or garden wedding, they don't need to be in a bow tie and tails. Likewise if it's a formal wedding, they can be wearing a blazer and tie. Remember, no matter what the weather is like, the groom and his men are always completely suited up for the ceremony. So bear this in mind if you're planning a wedding in the middle of summer in a place with no air conditioning.

9. Wear a dress that compliments your shape and size

Dress designers will be able to tell you what design suits you best. Go into the dress store with ideas in mind but prepare to be flexible as that dress you dreamed of might not compliment you in the best way. 

Make an appointment with the store. A bride that turns up out of the blue and expects immediate service will not have her needs met to the degree that a courteous bride who made an appointment does. Dress stores prefer to have one on one appointments and want to be able to give you the attention you deserve.

10. Don't stress on the day about little things that go wrong

There is no such thing as a 'perfect' day and nor should it be. If the Bride and Groom forget their wedding vows, everybody will have a laugh which in turn makes for good photos! Always keep a good sense of humour and remember, the best way to stay calm, cool and collected is to hire a wedding planner!


Article by Simone Flueck, Vow Factor