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What can an event planner do for you?


Now that the excitement from receiving a beautiful engagement ring from your loved one is not clouding your thoughts and the sparkle of the ring doesn’t keep catching your eye with every move you make, it’s time to actually start planning your wedding. 

Your wedding day will be, probably, the most important day in your life so far and therefore it has to be perfect and come out as wonderful as you’ve always dreamt it. However, planning your dream wedding is not easy. Combining the hassle of planning such an important event with a busy schedule full of work and family can leave even the bravest bride worn out and ready to give up. With so many important things and details that you need to handle, a professional helping hand can be really valuable. 

Yes, relying on the helpful expertise of an event planner can make the whole process easier, cheaper and immensely more enjoyable. That said, what can an event planner do for you?

Generally speaking, event planners arrange and coordinate special events. Amongst other tasks, they organise budgets, they set up accommodation and logistics and work with the client in deciding where to hold the event and whom to contract for services and, on the event day, monitor everything to ensure that the client and everyone invited have a great, stress-free time.

What Do You Need?

One of the first things that an event planner will do for you is help you have a clearer idea of what kind of wedding ceremony and celebration you want and envision all the aspects that such an event include. The job of an event planner starts when they sit down with you and figure out exactly what you need. They’ll ask you about the number of guests, the general theme of the party and about anything special or unusual that they’ll need to handle (planning a location wedding perhaps? Having family or friends from abroad that you need to find accommodation for?)

A Battle Plan

A good event planner will have the experience, and understand what needs to be done before the day of the event and know how to go about it in the best way. They can guide you throughout the process so that everything is ready, organised and set up for the big day.

Manage Your Budget

Probably one of the most important things that an event planner will do for you is help you determine your budget and make sure that all of your expenses are under control so that you don’t end up as a broke, recently-married couple. Knowing what kind of wedding you’re expecting and the number of guests will help the professional come up with an estimate of how much money you’ll need so that you can manage your budget according to your possibilities.

Along the way, the event planner will also be a very valuable asset as she or he will help you hire the right vendors for your wedding at the best price possible, taking advantage of relationships with suppliers. Often, you will be able to work with vendors that would be off your budget but that will be able to be part of your wedding because of their prior relation with the event planner. An event planner will also be in charge of handling all payments to vendors in a quick and effortless way while avoiding any surprising and unexpected fees.

As it has already been mentioned, one of the advantages of hiring an event planner is that they have built a long list of professional contacts in the industry. They’ve vetted these suppliers over a long time, and worked out who’s the best value for your budget level and style of wedding.  Talking to and deciding on different decorators, florists, caterers, photographers, entertainers, bands and so on and you can easily be stressed out. Of course if you already have your heart set on a particular supplier they can help to integrate everything so that they fit in to the wedding plan seamlessly.

Stage The Venue

Once you’ve chosen the perfect wedding venue and suppliers, the event planner can help you decorate and stage the venue so that everything looks perfect. An event planner will make sure that the style of the decor is absolutely perfect, that curtains and napkins are the best fit for your wedding style, that the dance floor is inviting and that the lighting is set up in the right way so that you look great in all those photos.

Helping Hand

With so many things to handle when planning a wedding, it’s easy for some things to go wrong: mistakes are made, things get forgotten and accidents happen. Relying on the services of an event planner will allow you to prevent or quickly solve these problems. They have the tools and contacts needed to keep a small mistake from turning into a huge, unmanageable catastrophe.

They can play as small or large a part as you like in the process, depending on your budget, and how much control you’d like to have. Delegate everything to them, or just a small part of the organisation of the event. Whatever you delegate to them a good event organiser will make sure that everything runs smoothly on your big day so that you can enjoy and relax, preventing one of the most important days of your life from turning into another wedding disaster story.


Article by Mariana Sarceda, Static Shift